Today I’m at Fresh Fiction, discussing the joys of wandering around in the middle of the night. I also want to take a nap under my desk, but that’s pretty much a given, and not directly related.

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Announcements! Links! I Live!

I may hunger, as per Cynstar.

More to the point: The Highland Dragon’s Lady, second in the Highland Dragons series, comes out today! You can find it on, the Sourcebooks website, and many places that fine books are sold, as NPR used to say in my childhood.

Sourcebooks has set up an awesome blog tour for me, and I’ll be posting more links to that in the next couple days. Meanwhile, here are some of the places where I’ve already rambled about various things:

The Book Nerd: Colin MacAlasdair’s tips for ghost-hunting:

The Blogger Girls: Why Dragons and Highlanders?:

All Things Urban Fantasy: Things Reggie Discovered With Her Powers:

Romancing the Darkside: What Shapeshifter Would You Be?:

Casablanca Authors’ Blog: Guest Post:

Literary Escapism: Black Friday:

As I said–more to come! And hopefully more rambly  blog entries, once winter hits and I start watching bad films on Netflix.

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Catching Up

OMG HOLIDAYS, as the young people say. Also snow. So much snow. 

Yesterday, I had an in-character interview with Stephen from Legend up at The Manga Maniac Cafe:

Today, I’m at Book Lovin’ Mamas, being interviewed.


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I’m talking D&D on the Casablanca books blog and have an interview up at Simply Ali

Happy Monday! Hope nobody’s frozen out there. I’m heading into the last week of work before vacation, and keeping the balance of the universe in mind: although my Christmas vacation is no longer a month long, I also don’t have to worry about taking finals beforehand. (Although I didn’t in college, either*, and then we didn’t go back until mid-January.) (And now I’m depressed.) (On the other hand, no ten-page papers on Dickens.)

*We had finals, sometimes, but they were pretty easy. Identifying Shakespeare quotes is just a matter of figuring out whether someone’s getting killed and, if so, how they’re related to the speaker.

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More Blogs! More Tours!

Today, you can find me at Joyfully Reviewed ( and at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog ( and getting a lot of coffee somewhere.

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Blog Touring!

Today, I’m over at Fresh Fiction ( talking about secretaries, and at Heroes and Heartbreakers ( telling people how horror and romance are pretty much the same thing.

Happy Friday!

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Release! Blog! Woo!

Legend of the Highland Dragon releases today! 

And I’m on Books-N-Kisses, talking about writing habits and my totally non-mysterious past.

I’m also Isabel Cooper over at FB, for anyone who wants to friend me there. Not much up on that end yet, but that will change soon! 

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