In which I break from writing romance briefly to republish Hickey of the Beast, my YA fantasy:

I grew up as a faculty brat at a number of boarding schools, then went to one myself, and ten years later was like “but what if also weird magic stuff?”

There’s a fair amount of cursing. I guarantee you it’s not as much as most actual high-school students do–highlights of my tenth-grade common room included composing an obscene version of a pep rally cheer, based largely on the phonetic similarities between “Andover” and “Bend Over”–but fair warning. 🙂

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Happy Holidays!

I’m here in rural-est PA with family, computer, pastries, and a large stack of library books. Writing is happening; so are excessive dinners. It’s great!

Also great: Gambled Away, the historical romance anthology of stories where someone gets won as gambling stakes. A bunch of awesome authors let me ramble about elves and con artists in the 1930s, which was a lot of fun.

GA comes down as an anthology on NYE. (I’ll be offering my novella, “Raising the Stakes”, on Amazon after that–but since Amazon requires me to actually print out forms and go to the post office like it’s 1953 or something, that might take a while.) (I have to find an *envelope*. The hell?) (No, I would never survive in the wild.) Meanwhile, you can get the whole book for 99 cents over on Amazon:

PW says great things about Gambled Away (and lends strength to my Social Justice Bard identity) here,
Wendy the Super Librarian put us on her list of Top 6 Unusual Historical Romances over at Heroes and Heartbreakers:
And in the “news outlets I grew up with” vein, NPR’s mentioned us on Twitter!

We’ll be having a FB party here,, on 12/29, at 8 Eastern/5 Pacific. Join us for chatting about GA and other subjects, and enjoy the rest of December!


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Distractions, Free and Cheap

So…that happened.

Not going to discuss it at length on author blog: most people who’ve read my novels have a pretty decent idea of what my views are, I’d imagine.

If you want to think about something else for a bit, and most of us could use a break–even activists have bus trips to read on–Gambled Away is on sale for 99 cents.(

I also plan to make my YA novel, Hickey of the Beast, available free as soon as I can figure out how to do that on Amazon, from now through roughly the next year. Meanwhile, if you’d like a non-Amazon copy, email me and I’ll send you the files.

This is indeed a sales pitch, but also: whatever you’re doing, take some time for yourself. Nothing’s going to happen all at once, and pacing ourselves is important. Pet a dog, hang out with a loved one, put your feet up and get some baked goods and read a good book. If it’s one of mine, so much the better, but mostly–take care of yourselves, people.

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Release Day!

Gambled Away is now out!

I’m over on Literary Escapism today, discussing crossover genres and snowcones.





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More Wordswag

This one from my story, “Raising the Stakes.”



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So Gambled Away is coming out on the 31st! Molly O’Keefe, my awesome co-author, has put together Wordswag images, and I’ll be posting one every day/couple days for a while: lines from one of the stories, coupled with cool graphics. Here’s the first!


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New Book

It’s been a while, there’s a lot going on, etc. 🙂 But I still live, and I’ve gotten to put out an anthology with some amazing authors!

Check it out:

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