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We Interrupt the Genre Discussion for Iron Man 2: Metallic Boogaloo?

Spoilers, uh duh. I liked it, first of all. Not High Art, but really, I had quite enough of that in college: these days, I want something fun to accompany an entire box of Junior Mints. (Which: Harvard AMC, while … Continue reading

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Okay, So, Genre: Part I

In which I will try to avoid the more touchy aspects of this discussion. Not that I mind talking about them–Lord, no–but the post that got me thinking about genre specifically got me thinking about the way it functions, and … Continue reading

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On Classification and Characterization

Or something. I’ve been out for drinks with my new co-workers–whimsically-themed cocktails are somethingĀ I’m very much in favor of. for the record, especially the citrus-flavored variety–so we’ll see how coherent this ends up being. See, I’ve been talking elseblog about … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The first post on a blog always has kind of a Twilight-Zone-y feel: submitted for your consideration, one young woman with an excessive fondness for parts of the eighties–although not the parts currently appearing in stores, good GOD, and who … Continue reading

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