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Ambiguous Protagonists, Gender Roles in Romance, and, um, Action Figures?

Still haven’t finished Dragon Age yet–the world keeps hitting me with things like my day job, alas–but I’m most of the way through. I am, therefore, going to post about the broader topic the DA romance plots bring up, because … Continue reading

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Romance and Video Games: A Personal Interlude

By which I mean “I haven’t finished playing Dragon Age yet, so have some personal rambling.” I haven’t been home a lot this week, and Orzammar’s political succession squalor is hard to take in large chunks; hopefully I’ll finish up … Continue reading

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Secret of Monkey Island!

Kicking off my Romance in Video Games blogging with the extreme comedy end of the spectrum, here, and the Elaine Marley/Guybrush Threepwood romance definitely pulls some things you can’t get away with in anything more serious. Like confessing your love … Continue reading

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