Release! Blog! Woo!

Legend of the Highland Dragon releases today! 

And I’m on Books-N-Kisses, talking about writing habits and my totally non-mysterious past.

I’m also Isabel Cooper over at FB, for anyone who wants to friend me there. Not much up on that end yet, but that will change soon! 


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I'm Izzy. I write stuff: mostly vaguely fantasy stuff, and most notably the following books: Hickey of the Beast, published March 2011 by Candlemark and Gleam Romance novels from Sourcebooks: No Proper Lady Lessons After Dark Legend of the Highland Dragon The Highland Dragon's Lady Night of the Highland Dragon Highland Dragon Warrior Highland Dragon Rebel Highland Dragon Master I also like video games, ballroom dancing, and various geeky hobbies like LARPing. I have been known to voluntarily purchase and eat circus peanuts. Like, a whole bag at once.

3 thoughts on “Release! Blog! Woo!”

  1. Yay, moar AU, P posts! I should start reading your books soon; I don’t want to get “Left Behind” by Izzy fandom.

    Umm, I’ve found *some* Isabel Coopers on FB, but not *the* Isabel Cooper, unless you happen to be a Scottish-Filipina actress, dancer, and singer. 🙂

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