Distractions, Free and Cheap

So…that happened.

Not going to discuss it at length on author blog: most people who’ve read my novels have a pretty decent idea of what my views are, I’d imagine.

If you want to think about something else for a bit, and most of us could use a break–even activists have bus trips to read on–Gambled Away is on sale for 99 cents.(https://www.amazon.com/Gambled-Away-Historical-Romance-Anthology-ebook/dp/B01FCYQ3V8).

I also plan to make my YA novel, Hickey of the Beast, available free as soon as I can figure out how to do that on Amazon, from now through roughly the next year. Meanwhile, if you’d like a non-Amazon copy, email me and I’ll send you the files.

This is indeed a sales pitch, but also: whatever you’re doing, take some time for yourself. Nothing’s going to happen all at once, and pacing ourselves is important. Pet a dog, hang out with a loved one, put your feet up and get some baked goods and read a good book. If it’s one of mine, so much the better, but mostly–take care of yourselves, people.