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The Librarians, Dragon Age: Inquisition, And Couples Who *Sort Of* Work Together

I don’t remember how old I was when I realized that not everyone’s parents worked together. See, I was a faculty brat. My parents met because they both worked for at the same prep school*– and my friends were mostly … Continue reading

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Lucifer and Writing the Inhuman

My TV viewing criteria is some combination of: Historical, But Not With Actual People as Main Characters, Because Their Lives Tend to be Tragic and Squalid Crime But Like Serial Killers, Financial Stuff is Boring Comedy: Witty, Not Cringe, Nothing … Continue reading

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Been A While, Huh?

Some stuff has happened! I’ve finished drafts of a new trilogy in the Highland Dragons series. It’s going to be set in the Middle Ages, when there was way more cover for people turning into dragons and also stabbing each … Continue reading

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