And now, notes from my recent vacation.

  • Watched a lot of “Columbo” with my parents, also “Breaking Away.” A keen observer of the romance industry might note that there are no novels purposely set in the 1970s. A keen observer of the 1970s will not be surprised by this. I’m frankly surprised that the human race, or at least that portion of it living in, and dressing in the styles of, the United States managed to reproduce at all.

    “That is *not* the tie of an honest man,” was a thing I said. More than once.

  • I’ve gotten some questions about my customs-of-the-mid-Atlantic WASP post, largely about cocktails (bunch of lushes that we all are on this blog/my FB) and I can confirm that the adherence to the seasons is multigenerational and instant. (“Oh, what is it you drink in the fall?” someone asked my grandfather, and he instantly said “Manhattans.” Because some things in life must remain certain.) Furthermore:
    • Gin and Tonics are the only drink that contains ice cubes. You chill the glasses for Manhattans, and, presumably, the vodka for martinis.
    • There is a complex hierarchy of gin. However, it is also sinful to use good gin in a G&T.
    • We Do Not Drink Triple Sec In This Household.
  • The number of people, in 2017, who are surprised by the need to take their shoes off and their laptops out when going through airport security is…impressive. Rather than the “pay ten bucks extra and get the speedy line” bit, I support an initiative where those of us who have flown and/or lived outside a cave in the last ten years can pass a simple test and then get to go through before everyone who seems to be on Rumspringa Week.
  • Read Wintersong, a historical fantasy with Goblin King romance, which I liked, and Christopher Moore’s Secondhand Souls, a sequel to A Dirty Job, which I loved. (Moore does a really good line of urban fantasy, as a rule.) Also re-read The Shining, as I do every so often with King’s books, and it remains basically fantastic, albeit Wendy is flat-out idiotic at one point.
  • Worked on the new and idiosyncratic project, which I’ve posted a bit of earlier; my heroes have now fought Totally Not a Balrog in Texas, using video games, because of course they did.
  • Importantly: did not have to cook for myself at any time.

Posts in the near future will include How Feminism Helps Any Legit Men’s Issue, Izzy And A Bottle of Pomegranate Liquor Explain Tarot Cards (which may need more than one post), and anything you want to suggest.


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I'm Izzy. I write stuff: mostly vaguely fantasy stuff, and most notably the following books: Hickey of the Beast, published March 2011 by Candlemark and Gleam Romance novels from Sourcebooks: No Proper Lady Lessons After Dark Legend of the Highland Dragon The Highland Dragon's Lady Night of the Highland Dragon Highland Dragon Warrior Highland Dragon Rebel Highland Dragon Master I also like video games, ballroom dancing, and various geeky hobbies like LARPing. I have been known to voluntarily purchase and eat circus peanuts. Like, a whole bag at once.

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