Late Tarot Post

So I was reading American Crime Story recaps yesterday and then it was like 10:30 PM, so…belated Tarot at work!

Today, the first card is The Moon. It involves the Moon, le duh, shining (and in many decks, casting weird sun-looking rays down) over a beach or a riverbank, with two Stonehengy pillars, a dog, a wolf, and a crayfish/lobster/crab/other mayonnaise-adjacent marine mammal.

The Moon is about night and the things associated with it: secrets, mystery, imagination, hidden worlds, dreams, danger, and the wilderness. While it doesn’t necessarily mean deliberate deception, it does mean that you can’t entirely trust your perceptions, particularly visual ones. The moon doesn’t always give very much light; sometimes it doesn’t give any–although you can rely on it to move in its own particular cycle, suggesting a “trust but verify” element, or that you can rely on the situation to be what it is and people to be what they are, just don’t expect anything more–and darkness is confusing. To crib a passage from Stephen King’s Danse Macabre, sight is our most advanced conventional sense, but our capacity for abstract thought is what really sets us apart, and when we lose some of the former, the latter starts working overtime.

From the Star to the Moon, the deck is also going from a reliable but faint source of light to one that can be pretty illuminating but isn’t always–and then, with The Sun, to about as much light as we generally get outside of an operating theater, on a basically regular basis. It’s Apollonian AF to the Moon’s Dionysian: the respectable, material daylight world, where everything is solid and open and there aren’t a whole lot of secrets or unknown stumbling blocks. I heard somewhere that Metropolis is supposed to be NYC by day and Gotham is supposed to be NYC by night, and the dichotomy is an appropriate one here–the DC Tarot as per Google* has Superman as the Emperor, and I guess that works, but I’d say The Sun.

The card also means joy, success, accomplishment, and generally straightforward good things: there’s an order in the universe, and you’re in tune with it, so yay. In some interpretations, the Moon is associated with femaleness, and the Sun with maleness: this has a lot to do with Greek mythology, but also with the qualities assigned to each card, which are very yin-yang, and, like yin and yang, are also not innately male or female, but…magical power of cultural associations as symbols, hello entire different post for a day when I’m not at work.

Next time: I wrap up the Major Arcana with Judgment and the World, and probably get a new type of booze for the minor cards!

In closing, I’ll remind you all that you can buy my books at Amazon, Sourcebooks, B&N, and other fine websites. (Amazon also has the two works I’m self-publishing at the moment, Hickey of the Beast and Raising the Stakes.)

* Of course there’s a DC Tarot. This isn’t the Stone Age.










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