Not Tarot, Directly

Because I am LARPing this weekend. Instead, have a short story-ish-thing that I wrote some years back, when I did a bunch of microfiction based on Tarot cards or runes. This one is about the Four of Pentacles: stasis or stability in material things, caution, security.

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More Tarot!

This is wicked late, and also on a Thursday, for reasons that involve me being distracted by Los Angeles and then stranded in WA–in a very pleasant location to be stranded, with very pleasant company, but still–and generally consumed with other stuff, some of which will be revealed in time. (Hard to reveal things out of time, to be fair.)

So here we are at the Ace of Pentacles, which is, well, a pentacle. Traditionally, a disembodied hand is coming out of a cloud offering said pentacle to all and sundry. Why? How? It’s just the sort of thing that happens. Disembodied Cloud Hand is a classic on all the aces; it’s one of the great unrecognized protagonists of our time, and someday I will write a three-book series about it.

The Ace of Pentacles, by the mnemonic system I mentioned before, is new beginnings in things of Earth, and in most by-the-book systems is similar: new opportunity, prosperity, manifestation. You might get a new job, move to a new and better house, meet someone hot or start sleeping with someone you already knew and found hot, buy a boat, etc. It’s generally a positive card, but it’s not the World or the Ten: it’s the start, but not the fulfillment.

On the other hand, the Aces and Tens have a thing where they replicate the Fool-World cycle on a smaller and more specific scale. So while the Ace is the start, it also contains everything after it–the seed, appropriately for this suit, that has all the genetic information it needs to become a tree. Whatever this new thing is, it absolutely has the potential to take you as far as you want to go where that aspect of Pentacles is concerned.

Two of Pentacles is some variety of dude, juggling two pentacles, usually inside an infinity sign, and no, these cards do not ever get measurably less trippy. Often juggler dude is standing on a seashore with one foot raised; one deck has him on a tightrope. As you might guess if you’ve been reading this blog or know, like, slightly more Jung than Dan Brown assumes*, these represent balance: elemental balance in the first case, not falling off a fucking tightrope in the second.

And yeah: balance in things of earth is the deal here. If this card comes up in a reading, you’ve got a lot going on, but you’re making it work, to fall completely into 2008 and the heyday of Tim Gunn. That or you’re going to have a lot going on and you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row–and that you can keep them in that row, adapting on the fly when you need to schedule two dates in the same week or have a sudden deadline-intensive-but-rewarding project to rock at work.

When there’s balance, of course, there’s also the potential for growth, which is where the next card happens.

Three of Pentacles.

As I mentioned last time, all threes are about real growth in an area, so I’m just gonna put this link here. Symbolically speaking, when a man with a giant chin and a woman with the most seventies hair possible love each other very much, balance leads to growth. I have no idea what the football players mean in any occult sense, though, nor the very distressed octopus.

The Three of Pentacles shows one or more people working on pentacles. Because those things don’t just grow on trees. Except for the cards where they do.

More specifically, the meaning of this particular three is teamwork, success, satisfaction, or mastery. (Although so does working alone, and you don’t have to kick anyone out of bed in the morning.) (I’ll be here all night. Enjoy the veal.) To get things done in the material world (materia-aal), it often helps to work with other people; conversely, if you’re kicking ass and taking names, you’re probably going to draw other people to you.¬† That’s why you get followers at Level 9.

I’m gonna try to go back to a regular weekday schedule on this. Next week I have a LARP, though, so you might get a story instead. Meanwhile, all my books are available on Amazon, and all but the self-published ones are also at Borders, at Powell’s (which is awesome–I went to the physical store when I was in WA, and bought far more than I actually needed), and on the Sourcebooks website.

*I had been under the impression that cup=vagina is, like, the first day of Symbolism for Stoned Freshmen, but apparently you can buy yourself a fucking yacht presenting a fictional world in which this is a goddamn shocking revelation to all of your otherwise-educated characters.

Book Tour and Stuff

Hey, everyone!

This week I’m away from the office and also my normal amount of drink, so Tarot will continue next week. (I’ll be in California, with my family, and thus probably drinking a lot. I do not rule out the possibility that my interpretation of one or more cards will either be I LOVE YOU MAAAAAN or DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PORBLEM IS I’LL TELL YOU WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS, ACE OF PENTACLES.)

Meanwhile, the third of the medieval Highland Dragons books, Highland Dragon Master, is out 3/5–and has been named an Amazon Best Book of the Month in Romance!

You can find an excerpt on USA Today’s Happily Ever After, here:¬†

Have a good weekend!