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Anyhow! Back to Cups: the Deck of Good Times, Mostly.

Not so much for the Five of Cups, in which three of the cups have been overturned and spilled, typically, a red liquid. Probably wine, possibly blood, could be Kool-Aid. Use your own associations here. There’s a person, generally huddled in a cloak of some sort, brooding about them and ignoring two upright cups, which are either behind them or off to one side.

So obviously this isn’t great. The mnemonic meaning is “dark luck with emotions,” and, yeah. Generally speaking, nobody’s super thrilled about spilling their drinks–Cloak Person didn’t even get the fun of spilling them on someone obnoxious. Also, this card doesn’t say who spilled said cups, and the lack of another figure suggests that Cloak Guy is responsible. Spilling one beverage is a party foul; to paraphrase Lady Bracknell, spilling three looks like carelessness. Shit has gone ill, and either it’s actually your fault or you think it is.

Thaaaat said, not all is lost. Remember those two cups? They’re still there, they’re still upright, and frankly two drinks is enough for most people to go on with, at least temporarily.

This is a card about setbacks, and about how you approach them. It is totally normal and even necessary to be upset about the three spilled cups–that was some perfectly good wine/blood/Kool-Aid, and now it’s gone, and that’s harsh. But don’t lose sight of the fact that you’ve got two more cups waiting for you–and, you know, cups can be refilled and wine/blood/Kool-Aid is probably good for the grass.

Take a breath. Things suck, but everything doesn’t suck as much as you think.

Six of Cups

Since this is a quest for emotions, it’s one of the easiest places to go once you pick yourself up from the five–and like the six of pentacles, the quest with the six of cups involves other people. The card shows two figures, one of whom is generally a young girl (and the other is often not much older). One hands the other a cup with, often, a bunch of flowers in it.

This is a very pentacle-y cups card. It’s about emotions, yes, but it’s also about the past, and sort of about getting back to basics in order to go forward: finding simple joys, reunion with old friends or lovers or family, even rediscovering an old hobby or spiritual connection that brings out some emotional aspect you need now. It can also refer to nostalgia or to literal childhood, but mostly it’s about looking at your life, emotionally, and realizing what you want in it that you don’t have now.

* * *
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