Izzy and NyQuil Explain Wands

I have the Plegg, good people. Not as solidly as I did in days of yore, which were Monday, but still enough that I can either keep myself up sounding like the last days of a non-virtuous Victorian lit woman (virtuous women die of scarlet fever, harlots slash flirts get consumption, so I guess it’s appropriate) (except apparently Jane Eyre’s friend Helen, who dies of consumption in the middle of a damn typhus outbreak, thus confusing everyone because CharBron had to be extra) or I can take some drugs. And when Option B is drugs, I’m never going for Option A. (Kidding, Mom slash Federal Authorities!)

The Page of Wands is really the wandsiest of wands. Pages are skilled in a subject, but learning about it–talented pupils (not apt ones, because Stephen King and Nazis ruined that phrase for all of us)–and fire, being the element of passion and inspiration, is all about beginnings. (It’s also the element of will, which you need to keep fire/passion/inspiration going past being a page, but that’s really the exception.) The Bright Young Thing on this card, who’s generally holding a wand in the middle of a desert, is Peak Freshman: there’s a whole universe of fascinating things to learn and awesome people to meet and nobody’s dorm room smells like old Smirnoffs Ice and laundry yet.  Who cares if you can’t find the cafeteria without ending up three states away?

This card means new beginnings, good news, ambition but generally in an “I’m gonna make it after all!” sense rather than a climbing-the-corporate-ladder or taking-over-the-world one,  curiosity and excitement. It’s the card of road trips, New Relationship Energy, back-to-school shopping where this is the year that you have the best Trapper Keeper and your acid-washed Jordache jeans will totally make Gavin Conway notice you…er, I think that may have gotten away from me a bit. You get the idea.

The Knight of Wands: This is where will starts to become a factor. The Knight, like all Knights, is on a horse, but theirs is either showing off, fighting, or dubiously behaved, as it’s got two feet off the ground, which is not an Optimal Horse Position if I recall my fifth-grade riding lessons.  (The horses, for reference, by suit: Pentacles is standing still, Cups is walking sedately, Swords is charging, and Wands is rearing.) (In Rider-Waite–ha–the horse for Pentacles is black/brown, the one for Wands is red, and those for Cups and Swords are both white because there aren’t blue horses and the artist didn’t want to fuck around with greys or palominos, I guess.) Passion and inspiration are hard things to keep going, especially after you’ve learned what’s readily available and have to go looking for more. That doesn’t entirely mean just putting the work into a subject (that’d be Swords or Pentacles) or a relationship (Pentacles or Cups) or whatever: it means staying enthusiastic about it while you do that work. As anyone who’s written a novel or had a long-term relationship can tell you, that’s a hell of a task.

Fittingly, this card is associated with travel–true to some extent of all the Knights, what with the horses and all, but specifically the fact that travel is often helpful when you’re looking to pursue a passion beyond the obvious. You get new perspectives, you get time on the road to think them over, you’re free from the commitments and patterns that sort of shape your life at home. You have adventures, and adventures are a big part of this card. Of all the Knights, this is the one most likely to be the paladin in a D&D party–Cups is probably holier, Swords more righteous, but if you want a paladin who’s also down for going to poke illithids in the face, the Knight of Wands is your person.

The management does not advise poking illithids in the face.



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