Life has gotten away from me of late, but in a good way. Stuff that has been preoccupying me:

Playing Octopath Traveler. This is a fun Switch game that harkens back to the Squaresoft days, but with better portraits and more cool mechanics, like investigating or chatting up townspeople, skills designed for battle support, etc. So far nothing has been an evil extradimensional tree, which is sad, but I hold out hope.

Ordering, and thus planting, way too many vegetables and a couple of varieties of berry, plus some marigolds and sunflowers from my coven and bok choy and hyssop from another friend. So far, things are…probably surviving? I hope? It’s randomly cold tonight, and while I did cover the sprouty bits, I have no idea what I’m doing, let’s be honest. I would never survive in the wild.

Getting my first round of the Moderna vaccine! As usual with shots, I’m struck by how much they don’t hurt compared to childhood memory. As usual, I suspect that eight-year-old Izzy was something of a drama queen.

Having my laptop decide it very much wishes to be excluded from the discourse, thus forcing me to switch between my BIL’s Chromebook, my mom’s iPad, and my phone, which cannot handle Google Meet or Zoom without overheating. Sorry, tabletop friends! I ordered a new one, splurged so I could play forthcoming games with hot yet/and morally dubious guys, and am very happy with it so far despite not yet having ordered any of said games. It’s large and black and the keys glow in ever-shifting colors, and frankly the more my computer looks like an alien artifact the better as far as I’m concerned.

Rereading Wodehouse and Richmal Crompton’s Just William books. There’s a specific sort of before-bed reading I like–light, funny, nothing poignant or darkly humorous, no cringe comedy–and these are two of the authors who consistently manage it.

Reading Ursula Vernon’s Paladin’s Strength and The Hollow Places, and two of the novellas in King’s If It Bleeds–the titular one and the one about the cell phone. (The other two were too dark/sad for me right now.) All totally recommended.

Prepping for the release of The Nightborn, my second novel in the Sentinels series. I write like I run D&D campaigns, so this is the book where characters who spent CP on stuff like Sense Motive and Streetwise and Courtly Graces get to actually use them, though there’s also a lot of people getting stabbed. (Did you think I could write a novel where nobody gets stabbed? Me neither.) It also contains an intelligent sword who isn’t involved with anybody, for a change, and a medic who’s a squid guy.

Planning to start a cult with one of my friends, on the grounds that the cis white dudes who do that these days are just fucking phoning it in (q.v. NXIVM) and someone has to approach the endeavor with craftsmanship. We’ve decided that we’re for sure going with different colors/materials of ceremonial robes, and working out an eschatology involving Dimensions and at least one rock group.

Being surrounded by wild turkeys. They seem pretty chill, but it’s startling to wake up to the sound of gobbling.

Next week: speaking of cults, I continue my look at Aleister Crowley, and my related drinking.

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I'm Izzy. I write stuff: mostly vaguely fantasy stuff, and most notably the following books: Hickey of the Beast, published March 2011 by Candlemark and Gleam Romance novels from Sourcebooks: No Proper Lady Lessons After Dark Legend of the Highland Dragon The Highland Dragon's Lady Night of the Highland Dragon Highland Dragon Warrior Highland Dragon Rebel Highland Dragon Master I also like video games, ballroom dancing, and various geeky hobbies like LARPing. I have been known to voluntarily purchase and eat circus peanuts. Like, a whole bag at once.

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