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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello!

    Thought I would quietly send this along to your blog so I’m not plastering things all over the internet. ^_^ The website is the location of the logs! As I said on Slacktivist, since it’s all being done online we have extensive logs. Unfortunately, the setting page got mangled some time ago. Also, the game took a hard right turn after the players twigged to their god-selves, so everything is kind of chaotic until they go to Thebes. (It started as a kind of Dreamtime/wierd fantasy sort of thing and turned into theologic fiction.)

    If you have any questions I have my email addy in the email field! There’s nothing a GM loves talking about more than a campaign they’re running. =D

  2. Dear Isabel,
    As a fan of your dragon series, I decided to take a chance on No Proper Lady. Afterall, the Terminator and My Fair Lady are two of my favorite movies, and I never in my wildest dreams thought that some author would weave together those two plots. The story of Joan’s time travel back into England’s past, and her save the future plans with Simon Grenville made for an enjoyable story. In fact, it inspired me to record my own Terminator work draft cast in my fantasy world of Felisia. Seeing how you did it, inspired me in a number of ways. Not really a fan of dystopian apocalyptic novels, however, I did enjoy Joan’s dedication to correct a bleak future and save her people. You brought her into Simon’s time and mores, which made the tale all the more likeable. Your writing reminds me of my late grandmother, Thelma Collinson Scott. By way of Canada, she carried a strong English quality, a devout love for antiques, and a thorough knowledge of English etiquette and culture.
    It is beyond my comprehension why an overdressed gay 90’s time period coupled with a hidden dragon society holds my interest so much, but it works. Great idea!
    Looking forward to the Lady Dragon novel in June.
    Mark E. Scott
    Author of The Felinius Healer

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