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I'm Izzy. I write stuff: mostly vaguely fantasy stuff, and most notably the following books: Hickey of the Beast, published March 2011 by Candlemark and Gleam No Proper Lady, published September 2011 by Sourcebooks Lessons After Dark, forthcoming in April 2012 from Sourcebooks I also like video games, ballroom dancing, and various geeky hobbies like LARPing. I have been known to voluntarily purchase and eat circus peanuts. Like, a whole bag at once.


Over at Harlequin Junkie, I chat about writing in a medieval setting and so forth!   Advertisements

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A Very Unofficial Guide to the Tarot: Prelude

So I’m home from work, and thus have a glass of pomegranate booze (which seems appropriately mythological, and while I’m unsure how much I can drink before I have to spend six months in a chill and dark underworld, I … Continue reading

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Izzy and Liquor Explain the Tarot, Pre-Prelude

Which is to say: post will arrive this evening, because my day job takes an oddly dim view of me sitting around with pomegranate-flavored booze. Watch this space!

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A Further Note

Which I’d forgotten to include before: namely, that the town where I vacation is both near the casserole-intensive part of the Midwest (though not yet in “hot dish” country) and a college town. As such, it’s settled on an ethnic … Continue reading

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And now, notes from my recent vacation. Watched a lot of “Columbo” with my parents, also “Breaking Away.” A keen observer of the romance industry might note that there are no novels purposely set in the 1970s. A keen observer … Continue reading

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This is not the week to post light-hearted pop cultural things, I’m thinking. At least not for me. As a generic white chick, I believe that everything I could say has been said elsewhere, so I will briefly state my … Continue reading

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Rites of My People

Been a while! I’m hoping to get back to a regular schedule now, though. (Also, if you have any subjects you’d like me to write about, please let me know via email or comments–I draw a blank, some weeks.) And … Continue reading

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