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20 thoughts on “Books!”

  1. Greetings, Isabel,
    First, I’d like to mention that we share a name, although mine is spelled “Isabelle” and is prefaced by “Mary” (it’s actually all one word in my head since my fam has always called me by the whole nine yards). Not many of us around, so it’s always nice to find another Isabel/Isabelle.

    Second, I just finished NPL and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was recommended by a friend in Novelists, Inc., a writers org. I belong to (and, perhaps, you might want to consider joining–great people, amazing knowledge and talent pool, wonderful and supportive chat board; go to and check it out). I’ve been reading romances–historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotic, whatever–for over three decades, and in that time, I’ve read *a lot* of terrific books, some of which were truly extraordinary. Most of the really good ones, however, were not debut novels. Moreover, romances (as you may have noticed) are rarely about *ideas*; indeed, sadly, editors and publishers in the Big Six houses hold the unfortunate belief that romance readers don’t *want* their romances burdened by theology, metaphysics, and characters who ruminate about the meaning of life and other such profundities. So imagine my surprise at finding a hero and heroine whose thought processes take them along such deep paths. NPL doesn’t pull any punches but lets the reader have it all, full blast. An amazingly refreshing experience.

    There are lots of other good things I could say about NPL: how well-developed the characters are, how well-written the book is, what good use you made of the turn-of-the-century mysticism craze and how believable you made it seem. Mostly, though, I was just blown away by the intelligence and insight that illuminated the characters and their story. It’s a wonderful book, truly. I hope you had a spectacularly fun time writing it–and that you go on having fun writing more stores for a very long time.

    Best regards,
    Mary K.

    1. Hi, Mary!

      Great to hear from you, and thank you so much for commenting! Writing is some of the most fun I ever have, so it’s always thrilling to hear that someone’s liked reading my book anywhere near as much. Yay!

      I hear you about Isabel/le. When I was younger, it always made me a little sad that there weren’t more of us, and that I could never find my name on those personalized necklaces/bike license plates/etc souvenir things. (Didn’t help that my sister has one of the more popular names around, either.) Nice to meet another one!

      And thank you again for your comments about NPL–hearing that absolutely made my day! I was really lucky in ending up with Sourcebooks and Leah Hultenschmidt: she’s been really supportive and encouraging, and from what you say, willing to take a pretty uncommon chance. I do enjoy playing around with metaphysics in my work–reading fantasy/horror along with romance growing up gave me some great influences from both worlds, and I think that helps a lot–and it’s both flattering and touching to know that you enjoyed those aspects of NPL, as well as the others.

      Novelists, Inc. looks amazing! I’m not quite qualified yet, but I’ll be joining as soon as I am, and reading the blog in the meantime.

      Have a terrific weekend!


  2. Hello 🙂
    I also just read your book and enjoyed it. I think the best thing about it is the sense of closure it had. Plus, Simon is a great hero.

    I have to ask, will your new release be in the same world as this, will it feature the same kind of problems or is it something completly different?

    Best wishes,

    1. Yay! I’m very glad to hear you liked No Proper Lady–and Simon. He was fun to write.

      My next release, No Honest Woman, will be set in the same world. It’ll focus on the school Simon and Joan are talking about at the end, particularly on two of the new faculty there, Gareth and Olivia. They start out not liking each other very much at all, but they still have to work together–students with magical powers can cause all sorts of problems–and as they do, their feelings start changing…

      It’s sort of a magical Victorian X-Men thing. 🙂

  3. Hi! Ohhh I like the idea. Love when there’s some hate before the love!
    I was worried, what if something bad was going to happen and Joan’s world might happen again, I’m so much more relieved right now lol, I’ll eagerly wait for it…what about Simon’s sister? I hope she gets a HEA someday…
    Have a great sunday!
    Oh and thank you for replying!

    1. Sorry I’m so late–for some reason, I got about seven notifications at once today! Oh, technology…

      Thank you so much for writing, and it’s terrific to hear that you liked No Proper Lady! I’ve definitely got a story–and an HEA–in mind for Eleanor. She needs a little time to really come into her own, I think, but she’s absolutely got a tale to tell.

  4. Just finished NPL (in 2 days interrupted by having to work 8hrs/day) and enjoyed it enough to go searching for anything else you may have published. I was surprised to find that this was your 1st. Nice way to knock it out of the park. I’ll be looking forward to your next offering.

    1. I so love getting comments like this–thank you very much! It’s terrific to know you liked NPL, and I hope you enjoy the sequel, Lessons After Dark, which will be coming out in April. Yay!

    1. Thank you so much, and sorry about the late reply! (WordPress occasionally eats comments, it seems, or at least fails to tell me when they show up pending approval.) Wonderful review!

  5. NPL was recommended by the local Library newsletter. I’ve just finished it and I really, really enjoyed the story. I know a author has really hooked me when I slow down the closer I get to the end because I don’t want my time with the characters to end. I hope in your next works we still see glimpses of Joan and Simon. I have come to really like them and want to know what happens next.

    By the way. The back of NPL says your next release is No Honest Woman, but is showing Lessons after Dark for an April 2012 release. I suppose its to much to hope you have two releases next spring?

    Thanks for writing such an engaging story.

    1. Thank *you* for such an encouraging comment! I love hearing from people who’ve enjoyed my work, and I’m so glad it kept you hooked.

      After some discussion with the awesome Sourcebooks people, we’ve actually changed the title of No Honest Woman to Lessons After Dark: we thought it would emphasize the paranormal and magical aspects of the book more. It’s the same book, though I definitely appreciate the hope, and thank you! I’m working on a third right now, however, so there’s certainly more in the pipeline.

      While Lessons focuses on a different couple, Joan and Simon are still major characters in it–they’re running the paranormal school where the new characters teach, and they show up a lot. I’m really quite fond of them myself–I couldn’t give them up entirely in one book. 😉

      Thanks again for commenting!

  6. Oh my gosh, NPL and Lessons after Dark were so good! When is the third book coming out? I am dying to read it, it has been on my Goodreads list since February, and the publishing date keeps changing. Let me know, thanks for your time!


  7. Hello Isabel!

    I picked up one of your books the start of this year, and I’m working on a review of it. I wonder if it would be possible to get your FB or Twitter info so I can link my readers to your accounts? (That is, of course, if you have either!) I cannot seem to find you, so I thought I would contact you!

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